Report of the second Partner meeting

On the 30th– 31st of October, the second partner meeting of the OSCD project was hosted by the University of Delft. The tone was set during the meeting when Gautham Ram Chandra Mouli, PhD student connected to the OSCD project, won the prize for “Best Tech Idea of 2018” innovation award with his PhD-project. Is the OSCD project also going to be award winning?

The second meeting was used to discuss progress and preliminary results after the start of the project 6 months ago. The goal was to reaffirm that all the partners are on the same page and to confirm the project is still on track. Possible risks and solutions were discussed and the instructions for the transnational reporting in February has been shared with the partners.

Similarly to the first partner meeting in Vienna, this meeting included a lab visit. This time to the lab of the University of Delft. It was an impressive visit. Researchers simulated the impact of lightning and could measure the voltage extremely precise. Gautham Ram Chandra Mouli also showcased his award-winning PhD-project to the partners (see photo).

The positive collaborative atmosphere from Vienna was still very much present amongst all the partners. It is clear we benefit immensely from our short lines of communication.