National EME meeting

On June 8th, the Dutch Scientific Research Organisation (NWO - TTW) and Rijkswaterstaat organised a get-together for the Dutch partners of the EMEurope projects. The OSCD project is not the only EMEurope project with Dutch partners. Surprisingly, a large number of EMEurope project have a Dutch partner. This resulted in a valuable day for the OSCD project!

On behalf of the OSCD project, the Dutch partners ElaadNL and the University of Delft were present. The University of Delft, represented by Gautham Ram Chandra Mouli, presented the OSCD project’s objectives, work plan and expected results. The group of stakeholders was very diverse, ranging from bus manufacturers to the National Knowledge platform for Charging Infrastructure (NKL).

Compared to the EMEurope kick-off in April, this event offered an opportunity to discuss specific details in an informal setting. This resulted in possible opportunities for the OSCD project. Two projects were especially interesting: EVroaming4eu and Electric Travelling. EVroaming4eu explores how ICT protocols facilitate roaming together with smart charging and Electric Travelling can provide information on how people drive and charge and where these chargers are located. Dutch partner Overmorgen even has a tool that is readily available! This could help the study on impact of EV charging on network.

All in all, the Dutch EMEurope network provides a lot of opportunities for all parties involved. Together we can strengthen one another.